• Cancer is a broad term used to describe a group of more than 200 type of disease that affect different areas of the body.

  • It is common and normal to have slight vaginal bleeding in the first two days after the cervical smear.

  • If a woman who has undergone colposcopy +/- biopsy has been diagnosed Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN), it means that the cells of the cervix are abnormal and have changed in appearance.

  • Risk factors for cervical cancer include infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), sexual activity at an early age, having multiple sexual partners, smoking and weakened immunity.

  • If A pregnamt woman feels pain in the tummy, or notice vagial bleeding , she should see medical consultation without delay.

    Medical Treatment

  • Antenatal exercise aims at preventing low back pain and enhancing physical and psychological preparation for delivery by means of joint stretching and muscale strengthenning.

  • Postnatal exercise is as important as antenatal exercis. Its duration needs not be login but it should be down twice or thrice a day.

  • In the first few months after birth, babies could gety infection easily due to their immature immune system.

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby need for healthy development in the first six month of life and continues to benefit the child, along with solid foods, afterwards, Breast milk help